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Curtain cleaning in Tameside

You can be bothered to clean the drapery in your living room, but it’s starting to look a bit depressing and you want it dealt with? Or a recent even in your home left it a bit shabby and full of stains? Then use our professional curtain cleaning for Tameside, Greater Manchester and you won’t be disappointed. We have a 100% cleaning guarantee that covers all aspects of our interaction ensuring the premium results that you deserve and the well-being of your drapery.

Beneficial Curtain Cleaning In Tameside

You no longer have to worry about dealing with dirt and stains on your curtains, simply give us a call at any time of the day or night, specify a convenient for you time and date slot and count on us to be there. You can also expect:

  • Handled discolorations
  • Fiber protection from the effects of the Sun
  • Colour freshening and rejuvenation
  • Dust-free air
  • Your curtains are like new

And a convenient cleaning method that allows for the proper cleansing of your drapery without having to take it down, saving time and reducing the chance of wrinkling.

What Our Curtain Cleaning Does

Dry cleaning – as the name would suggest, this is a treatment that uses dry compounds to remove odours, stains or dust accumulations. As a way to reduce the chance of shrinkage and damage, we use a low to no moisture detergent that in fact draws moisture out of the fibers, preventing mold and bacterial growth, while also dealing with the bond between stain and curtain fiber. To apply the detergent proper and carry out the cleaning, we have to take the drapery down and apply the detergent on a hard surface using a fine brush, this allows for a proper contact between stain and cleaning agent and promotes better cleaning. We then draw it out using a vacuum machine presenting you with a properly cleaned curtain.

Steam cleaning – on the other hand, does not necessitate the dismantling of drapery as it applies the cleaning solution using high powered steam that goes right through the fibers of the drapes and immediately extracts the staining, dust or any other contaminants using a high-powered vacuum machine. There is a small drying window which could be reduced by an open window or our air movers.

Booking our service

Call the emergency hotline at 0161 823 0249 and specify which method you want and what time best suits your personal schedule and our technicians will be sure to fit you in. Use the booking form for direct booking or get recommendations on what to book and use in our live chat room.


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