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Rug Cleaning in Tameside

Professional rug cleaning in TamesideAll rugs regardless of origin and value deserve an equal, proper cleaning performed in a safe and eco-friendly manner. If you are looking for that same combination, then Hit Cleaners Tameside is the right choice for you. We specialize in delivering proper cleaning to any rug out there, would that be Persian, Oriental or regular area rugs. Using state of the art machinery and equipment we can guarantee safe and efficient cleaning at low prices.

Expert Rug Cleaning in Tameside

While you can enjoy a clean home without having to move a muscle, by using our services you are also guaranteeing the safety and well-being of your family -  we not only remove stains but also potential allergens and a lot of other unpleasant things that may cause issues with people. You will also enjoy:

How The Professional Rug Cleaners Clean Your Rugs in Tamesite

Dry rug cleaning Tameside – is used on delicate and demanding rugs that if exposed to moisture or high heat will get damaged or shrink to an ungodly size. Using a combination of dry compounds the professional rug cleaners can tackle all kinds of problems without having to worry about fiber or color damage. The method is allergen and chemical free and uses a natural selection of ingredients to make a naturally smelling, dehydrated dust-like detergent that can penetrate all fiber types. The rug cleaners in Tameside apply the detergent using a fine brush and wait for 12-15 minutes for it to react with the stain then draw it out using a strong vacuum machine. No drying or waiting required, the rugs will be ready for use straight away, no chemicals or toxins present. 

Expert rug cleaners TsmesideSteam rug cleaning – handles the same problems as dry cleaning, however, managing to do so quicker and a lot more efficiently at the expense of the safety of fibers. This is why we recommend that this procedure is used on synthetic and woolen materials which can best reap the benefits of its dirt cutting capabilities while remaining safe. We apply the cleaning detergent, chosen according to the needs and stains present, to the fibers by using a high pressure and heat steam jet which disintegrates the stain safely removing it from the textile without any damage or shrinkage.  We use a narrow nozzle to spread the mixture in the areas we want while minimizing the moisture output outside of that area, generally making this procedure much more carpet friendly than it sounds. The moisture is then drawn out along with all of the contaminants using high negative pressure vacuum machine leaving only a negligible portion to be dried within 2-3 hours.

Rug Cleaning Prices 
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