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Book Hit Cleaning ServicesIf you are worried about our working hours and when you can get into contact with us, don't. We have made extra effort to make ourselves as accessible as possible, you can contact us 24/7 on any of the venues we support. If you want to book straight away you can do that by submitting a filled in booking form located on this page, call us on our phone hotline at 0161 823 0249 or by visiting the free live chat, operated by the best customer care team in Tameside.

Benefits of booking Hit Cleaners in Tameside, Greater Manchester

Upon submission, the booking form will be immediately reviewed by a customer rep and we will contact you at the specified time if there are any details that need clarification and for a quote detailing how much what costs. You will also notice that we:

  • Have fully insurance coverage
  • Don't use any harmful chemicals when cleaning
  • Frequently train and vet are technicians
  • Guarantee a proper cleaning job
  • Won’t be late for an appointment

In case you are curious and you want to learn more about these benefits and other good things that come out of booking us, call 0161 823 0249 and ask the team there.

Free quote giveaway

Book Hit Cleaning ServicesFor customers that want to know the exact sum that will be charged at the end of a cleaning, they are eligible for a customer free price estimation that ties you to our service in no way – no strings attached. The price point will be based on the treatments that you have booked as well as the amount of work, condition and size of the areas that need cleansing.

Private viewing and call backs

Request a call back by calling 0161 823 0249 or putting that on the submission form, and we will contact you. You can also opt for a private viewing if you are not sure what exactly to book


On this page you can find the easy to submit booking form, use that to directly book a service or call 0161 823 0249 if you need some clarification. There is also a free live chat available at all times, just for that extra bit of convenience.