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Mattress Cleaning In Tameside

Hit Mattress CleaningDon’t forfeit your bedroom to a colony of bed bugs or dust mites, fight back and use Hit Cleaners Tameside’s professional mattress cleaning service that will take care any bed pest now, without using any harmful to humans and pets substances. We also do stain and grime removal and can perform odour neutralisation treatments that will make your mattress smell fresh once again.

Benefits Of Booking Mattress Cleaning In Tameside

  • Full mattress and pillow cleaning coverage
  • No more stains or dust accumulation
  • Full human hair and skin cells extraction
  • Rejuvenating effects on all mattress types out there
  • No usage of toxins and heavy chemicals when cleaning

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Service Details And Information

Hit Mattress CleaningUltra Violet lights treatment – unlike naturally produced U.V Lights, the ones that are emitted from the lights we are using are not harmful to the fibers and colours of your mattress, but still possess the sanitization capabilities even scientists in labs use to disinfect entire rooms or their equipment. This is a very good way of cleaning because it does not use chemicals, but rather utilizes the short spectrum of light as means of clearing away any dust mite or bed bug infestations, penetrating all of the layers of the mattress and neutralizing bugs in all stages of development. Once done we draw everything out and voila, your mattress and pillows are bed bug-free.

Steam cleaning - to tackle tougher stains and even remove odours we use steam cleaning, which extracts all contaminants from the fibers and materials of your mattress, without saturating it with detergents or moisture. We draw all of the gunk out with a high-powered vacuum machine leaving a naturally smelling mattress that is free of bacteria and unpleasant pet smells.

Free Booking In Tameside

If you want to book our services today, submit the booking form located on the website, call our 24/7 customer support hotline at 0161 823 0249 or enter the live chat. All of these venues are supported at all times, operated by the best team of custom assistance in the Tameside region. Call today and get your free estimate right away!