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It’s preferable to move heavy or large pieces of furniture as to optimize the working area as much as possible.

While well trained and vetted by the proper local authorities, our cleaners will more than be happy to have you inspect their work.

Because we are certain this won’t ever occur, we give you a money back guarantee and a free cleaning if this does happen.

Whenever you feel like is the best time, we are available on weekends and bank holidays at no extra charge, so feel free to call.

Call the hotline at 0161 823 0249 , submit a booking form found on our website or visit the live chat located in the right corner of the website.

We utilize all natural and bio-degradable detergents and solvents that are eco and family friendly while still producing good cleaning results.

We recommend that at least one representative of the household is present, though in special cases we can arrange a key drop as to fit your needs.

We prefer that we first clean as per your requirements and then get paid, rather than the opposite.

The methods and detergents we use are optimized for your safety and well-being, possessing no major allergen groups, but in fact made to remove them from your home.

Our customer care center is a good start, call 0161 823 0249 and ask there, or join the live chat you can look at even now.