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About Us

About usHit Cleaners Tameside is a dedicated cleaning service provider who now also covers the entire Greater Manchester area, with offices in every major town and borough in the region, including Tameside and its towns and larger areas. This allows us to invest more time into cleaning, providing customers with a lighting fast response at a lower rate because of our local origins. All cleaning jobs are carried out with a constant 100% quality guarantee, giving you a job satisfaction that no other service can.

Benefits of booking Hit Cleaners Tameside and our services

While enjoying a cleaning home is nice, enjoying it while not having to move a muscle is much nicer, costing a reasonable amount for the workload and effort that we put into delivering you the best possible results. Call for us today and enjoy:

  • Consumer tips and DIY tricks
  • Full customer coverage 24/7
  • Free quotes and private viewings
  • Additional services coverage
  • Quick response times with no additional fees

And what makes us a very desirable choice for many – you don’t have to pay more do book us during weekends or even bank holidays, just call 0161 823 0249 and see for yourself.

Choose Us For A Healthier Household

Hit Cleaning ServicesWe’ve invested in the proper cleaning solutions and machinery to not only deliver you with the best possible results but also do it with your health and well-being in mind. This is why our new line of cleaning solvents is all bio-degradable allowing for a healthier cleaning that leaves no toxic or chemical trace after or during cleaning. 

The environmentally sane choice

By choosing to use us, you also help the environment, not only are our solutions safer for you but also the environment – derived from only the finest ingredients in an environmentally friendly way, with us you choose health and well-being over all things.

Book Our Services in Tameside, Greater Manchester

If you don’t feel like talking and you know what you need to know, just submit the booking form on the booking page, if you have questions regarding treatments and how we carry them out, however, join the live chat or call 0161 823 0249 for instant access to our database through our customer reps. All of three venues of contact are supported 24/7 by our customer support team, so don’t worry about working hours, days or weeks.